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Welcome to Thefacarpet cleaning service where we specialize in providing premium cleaning service at an affordable price. We offer a full range of cleaning service such as carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning and refinishing, as well as water damage restoration.

With over five years of dedicated cleaning service, Thefacarpet cleaning service is one of the leading carpet cleaning and water damage restoration agencies in Las Vegas. All products and cleaning equipment we use are environmentally friendly to ensure that no damage of any kind is done to your carpets, rugs, properties and even your health. We will satisfactorily keep your floors and upholstery clean, fresh, healthy and beautiful.

We use the hot carbonating extraction cleaning process recommended by floor covering manufacturers and carpet fiber producers to remove tough stains and enhance the health and beauty of your home or office. The steam cleaning approach we use is the safest method to remove not just the regular soiling, but also hidden fungi and bacteria that are harmful to the health.

Thefacarpet cleaning service also combines modern techniques and equipment to provide the best cleaning solution experience to our clients. Trust us to provide you a service that is safe for your rugs, carpets, tile, hardwood floor, etc. so that you can have peace and wonderful feeling that your home is clean and healthy for your family and pet at an incredibly affordable price.

We adopt a cleaning process that gives your floor a healthy, deep and long lasting look as we do not use harsh detergents or toxic chemicals for our cleanings. To ensure that your carpets’ life span is increased, we use the natural cleaning properties of carbonation (steam cleaning) to expose dirt from deep in the carpets for deeper and thorough cleaning. Unlike the regular steam cleaners, our cleaning process uses over seventy percent (70 %) less water; this is to enable your floor covering to dry with a few hours of cleaning instead of spending days. This practice is also aimed at reducing the tendency of mildew and mold growth which can be caused by the use of excessive water used for steam cleaning.

Also, we are specialists in water damage restoration. Water damages can be caused by incidences such as broken pipes, roof leakages, uncontrolled running taps, faulty sewers, etc., and these usually come with bacteria that are destructively deadly.  Only professionals like Thefacarpet services can rescue you from unexpected water related disasters that can greatly damage your property.

Thefacarpet cleaning service is a full service carpet cleaning expert you can trust for:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning
  • Tough Spot Removal
  • Gum and wax removal
  • Pet urine odor removal
  • Hardwood floor, Tile, and Grout Cleaning
  • Water damage restoration


Why should you choose us?

We are committed to providing our clients with a professional and unique service experience that will not break their pockets. To maintain our integrity and dedication, we hold our customers in high esteem by meeting and beating their expectations with an outstanding service delivery.

Clients get the a thorough and deepest cleaning with our sophisticated extraction equipment that makes sure there are no traces of dirty-attracting residues left behind, this way, your carpet remains neat for a longer period.

Our staffs comprise of a team of experienced professionals that use the latest techniques, modern equipment, and safest cleaning methods to produce optimum results in stain, spot, soil and general dirt removal.

Above all, we guarantee a 100% job satisfaction and value for your money to our esteemed customers. We won’t stop until you are satisfied.

For more information and inquiry about our cleaning service experience, kindly contact us or visit our services page.